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Raggsteindalen Høyfjellsstue

Raggsteindalen cuts into the massive moutain range from Strandavatn in Hol 1000 metres above sea level towards Hallingskarvet from the timber line for birch to the bare mountains.

The highest peak in the valley of Raggsteindalen is Follarskardsnuten, 1933 metres high. These mountains areas are known for their fantastic facilities for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. These magnificient sorroundings are compareable with any similar place in Norway.

Raggsteindalen is the place for people who wants to relax and rest. Here you can get close contact with nature or go for a fishing trip. The place is also a central starting point for both motor tourists as well as hikers. By car you can reach great mountain ranges of the country. The hiker can choose among several marked trails of the DNT (The Norwegian Tourist Association).

Raggsteindalen tourist lodge is known for its special and warm atmosphere and the good contact between the proprietors and the guests, and perhaps above all for its good cuisine.
Raggsteindalen Høyfjellsstue, N-3577 Hovet, Norway
Phone. +47 32 08 97 52 / +47 94 26 74 85        Fax. +47 32 08 98 03
E-mail: raggsteindalen@hallingskarvet.com


• Built in 1933
• New buildings built in 1959, 1963, 1987 and 1991
• 80 beds
• Rooms with WC/shower
• Discount of price for members of DNT