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It has been very difficult to collect written material about Frydenlund. It is, however, said that Frydenlund became a selfcontained unit in 1912.The house itself is some years older. In earlier days the house was used as a cafe.
At that time Hol railwaystation was still in use, and that was probably the reason of that activity.

In 1921 this propery was taken over by the Larsgard-family. It was Svein Kittilson Larsgard who married a widow who owned this farm. It was his third marriage, and he lived the rest of his life here.

He had seven children. Three of them never married, and they lived here all their lives. At that time it was a prosperous farm which gave a yield outcome. It says that they had three cows and several pigs . The cowshed was old and in a state of disrepair, and today it is gone.

When Sven Kittilson Larsgard bought Frydenlund, he moved in here and sold Larsgard to his son Kittil Svenson Larsgard. In 1956 Kittil sold the farm to his son, Svein. He has throughout the years run the farm successfully to make it what it is today, - a reliable, secure place of work for a family.

In 1993 his son Kjetil Larsgard took over. On the farm they cultivate vegetables and fodder for the animals.