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Gamlestugu at Larsgard

Larsgard is a name which originally goes back to the year 1525 (perhaps even earlier) and is a derivation of the name Lodin, later Losgordt, Ladisgordt and so on.
At this time Larsgard was a part of a bigger farm, but it was separated some years later:

Nordre Larsgard and Søre Larsgard.

A little later they separated Nordre Larsgard, and then we got Nørste Larsgard, which is here, Myljo Larsgard and Søre Larsgard. This farm became independant in 1832.

Today only Nørste Larsgard is inhabited.On the two other farms they only use the cultivated land.

This "Gamlestua", which is partly a renovated Hallingstue, was built 1840. It was used as the main building of the farm. At that time the farm was situated on the same ridge as the other farms here.

In 1965 Gamlestua and "Stolpehuset" (storehouse on pillars) were moved down to where they are located today.

The farm was earlier a typical Norwegian farm where they bred sheep, goats and cows. In addition they grew some vegetables for private use. The farm is located 650 m. above sea level.

The family living at Larsgard today is working with cows and milk production. There is also a mountain property belonging to the farm named Gurostølen. In former days there was much activity there, and we hope to resume that work some day.

Gurostølen today has four cabins for rent, three small lakes on the mountain,a short way to the alpine slopes in Sudndalen and, in addition to that, can otherwise offer a lot of possibilities for walking in the mountains.

In "Gamlestugu" there is an old bed in the corner where Svein Kitilson Larsgard was born in 1924.

Svein has been a hard worker all his life. He has with a lot of hard work, improved the farm well and wisely, and he has cleared a lot of new ground.

Due to him the farm today is a model farm in our district.

In 1993 his son Kjetil Larsgard took over the farm. But Svein, now 70 years old, is still strong and working on the farm.

It is said that the legend about Fanitullen took place at Myljo Larsgard in 1724.

"I hine hårde dage ved øldrik og svir,
Hallingdølens knivblad sat løst i hans slir,
Og kvinnene til gilde bar ligskjorten med,
Hvori de kunne lægge sin husbonde ned."

(In old times,when the peasants from Hallingdal gathered to celebrate, their knives were sharpened and the wives always broughta shrouds with them in case their husbands should need them.)